Organic Cleansing Morning Mask, HPA

pondělí 26. září 2016

Hi guys, this is my first review post. And as the first product I decided to choose my favourite morning bio mask. Probably you´ve hear about it and maybe you can´t decide if you should buy (try) it or not and I hope that in following rows you can find an answer.
First time I noticed this company last year, when I read some beauty advices inside of Elle magazine and because I like trying new things and also I was quite curious - how it can works...? Or actually, does it works? After that, I   visited official websites and find out all these excellent products,come from Czech and what´s important, which don´t ruin my wallet!  (I expected high prices, but in comparison with other companies, this brand is almost available for all  ... well done!) I choose Organic cleansing morning mask and made an order. When I got the package, I was excited and I fell in love next morning, after one using.... And little by little, I´ve started to use more products, beause my skin has never looked  better before. And now, I can´t imagine my life  without morning mask, refreshing water and don´t have to forget to say you about their oils. Absolutely georgeous, but now let´s get back our focus on the mask.

Certified organic cleansing morning mask provides TRIPPLE EFFECT- it means: deep cleansing, brightening and refreshing, providing a new intake if valuable nutrients. The product contains very effective ingredients like  Rosemary oil -cleans oily skin, dies up rashes and cleanes pores, Lavender oil- reduces effect of aging, regenerates and maintains the skin, Cannabis oil -influences pH of the skin,improves skin condition, Sunflower oil - includes vitamin E, supporting the penetration of active subtances into the skin. Havlíkova Apotéka guarantee 100% quality of all ingredients. The original recipe of the mask was created by PhMr. Karel Havlík, the pharmacist from Czech. 

How to apply

I´m using the mask on my  uncleaned &  unwashed face (good to know - do not wash your face before using!) Mask cleans your skin throghly, opens pores, revitalize and regenerate your skin as well. You will get rid off all toxins & impurities during 3 minutes and get clean, fresh looking and beautiful skin. By the way, you can place mask next your bedside table and use after waking up.(I do it the same way...) 
After 3 minutes ...Time to rinse off with tepid water. After that, you can apply your daily cream and foundation. May your skin turns red - don´t panic, cause redness is signs of cleansing process and  will dissaper soon.


I´m using the mask on my  uncleaned &  unwashed face (good to know - do not wash your face before More than a year of using organic cosmetics I have to say, that the mask really worth for trying, probably you will fall in love, too :) "Your skin will look fresh and juicy and what is important, you will see this wow effect immediately after first using".

Shop via official e-shop, or visit the stores. For more informations and details please check  official websites

*This is not product placement. I bought everything by myself. 

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